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Newsgroup downloaders, also known as newsreaders, are programs that can be used to download content from any existing Usenet newsgroup to your machine. Picture downloaders are programs that are specifically designed for downloading image files from Usenet. There are also universal downloaders, which can be used to download all kinds of binaries, including videos and applications.

Decent newsgroup downloaders can find and download files of all types, including pictures and videos, from newsgroups to your computer. They let the user browse through newsgroups manually and select the content you want to get, or auto download, or let the scheduler collect files on his own. The auto download feature lets you set up the downloader to work without your participation and supervision and to download every binary it finds on the server or newsgroup you specify. Using this feature is not recommended because a substantial amount of bandwidth is wasted for downloading files you maybe did not want or need.

Advanced newsgroup downloaders can also decode a damaged or incomplete file, which is very handy for previewing videos and audio files before they have been completely downloaded, or for repairing damaged parts of a big file. It is important that your newsgroup downloader supports multiple server/newsgroup threads to maximize your browsing and downloading experience. Some downloaders let you see picture thumbnails before you actually download the pictures. This feature also can save you a lot of time and download of unwanted files. Certain programs also have anti-spam features, which makes it easy to avoid downloading meaningless spam material.

When looking for a newsgroup downloader, you can choose between a number of paid newsgroup downloader programs, as well as freeware and shareware applications available on the net.

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