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Inactive Usenet Newsgroups

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The term “inactive newsgroups” refers to newsgroups that have nothing being posted to them. In most cases, however, the inactive newsgroups have nothing being posted to them. In the Usenet community, there are hundreds of thousands of newsgroups and over time you’re bound to have some here and there that tend to fail as in having activity run through it. Some of these types of newsgroups may even start out very strong and then as time goes on, they just kind of die once the popularity starts to fade. And once that begins, you are better off just getting rid of the unused newsgroup.

Since inactive newsgroups take up space it is very important to delete them from your service. Now, deleting unused newsgroups is up to that particular Usenet service and will vary from company to company. Some may do inactive deletions weekly, monthly, or yearly. I can’t stress how important it is to remove inactive newsgroups because the last thing you want is promoting a certain number of newsgroups and a third are empty.

So here, at Fastusenet.org, we make sure that we get rid of unused newsgroups and keep the current ones full at all times and at all costs. Also, to help speed things up for newsgroup removal, please feel free to contact us if you notice a newsgroup that is becoming inactive and we’ll remove it as soon as we can. We don’t like to bog down our servers and customers with newsgroups that no one uses.

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