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Whenever you are looking for a certain topic in Usenet and don’t know where to find it, the Google archive is a good place to look. Google archives all of the messages that they receive so that when you search for something in a newsgroup you can select the groups’ page on Google and it will show you the article or articles that the subject can be found in. The Google archive is a great tool that every FastUsenet.org member should make use of.

The archives in Google are very large, probably several servers to hold all of the information. The messages posted there are only text, but FastUsenet.org alone receives and sends over 2 million articles day. So you can only imagine how much information needs to be stored to keep a good archive. The Google archive also needs space so it can have some level of retention, meaning the amount of time that messages can be searched back to. Some articles can be even found to date back to a couple of years ago, and that is some serious storage.

So next time you want to find a subject and don’t know where to begin looking, why not try the Google Archive at www.google.com >> Groups. Then type in your search words into the search field. Google will then search an extensive archive and should return some great matches for your subject.

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