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Binary free server is a term that refers to the free access that users can get out on the Internet. There are some pros and cons about free servers and we’ll cover them both, so you and other users have a better understanding when you see the words “FREE”.


The pros are simple and easy to follow. Free Usenet portals, such as AOL, Yahoo, and Google have access to newsgroups and articles that the general public can view. Whether it is education, research, or entertainment, free binary servers won’t likely contain what you’re looking for. These portals are awesome if you are just getting into Usenet and want to learn more about the Usenet community as a whole. You’ll also see a few Usenet Service Providers promoting FREE access so that potential customers can get a taste of what the full service is like before they sign up for a membership.


Free server usually means limitations in newsgroups and articles. Most of the time, free binary servers aren’t that great in the retention and completion department. Also, with free servers you don’t get really good tech support if any. To sum it up, free binary servers would be great when getting started with Usenet. When you become experienced, you are going to want full access to all newsgroups so you better just sign up with FastUsenet.org and leave all others behind.

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