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What are the European Newsgroups?

What the term “European Newsgroups” refers to is all the newsgroups that contain discussions in one of the many languages spoken on the European continent.

Which Countries Does the Term “European Newsgroups” Entail?

There are separate newsgroup hierarchies for the speakers of different languages specific to the different countries in Europe. Most of the biggest countries in Europe have their own hierarchies; the others may be hosted under another hierarchy because there may not be as many of them in Usenet. Some of the countries that have newsgroups in their own language are the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, the UK, and Finland. Not all European newsgroup hierarchies have as many newsgroups in them as some other language newsgroup hierarchies do. The UK hierarchy, for example, is quite a hierarchy, containing quite a bit of different discussion groups.

What Are Some Examples of European Newsgroups?

Some examples include at.anzeigen.arbeitsmarkt (Austrian), de.comp.hardware.scanner (German), fr.sci.linguistique (French), dk.kultur.litteratur (Danish), etc. There is also a whole other more general European newsgroup hierarchy called “Europa” groups, whose names begin with “europa,” for example the group “europa.union.euro” focuses on the common European currency, the Euro. A nice directory of the European newsgroups can be found at www.mailgate.org.

What Can I Find in the Different European Newsgroups?

The only difference between all the European newsgroups and the US newsgroups is the language that is predominantly spoken in those groups. The FR (for France) newsgroups would naturally contain discussions in French and binaries that are popular in that European country. Of course, the material is also going to differ, even if the given newsgroup has its US equivalent – in other words, if there are groups on the same subject in the US and in one of European newsgroup hierarchies. This is where the cultural perspective comes in. The people in the UK might have different interests in cars and music than the people in the US. That is why it is so interesting to visit different European newsgroups every once in a while to see what the users on the other side of the world are up to. It is also a nice way to discover trends going on abroad.

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