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Encoded Usenet Binary Files

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Encoding and Decoding Multi-Part Binary Files

Multi-part binary files, or encoding/decoding multi-part binary files with the help of a compressing/decompressing program such as WinRar or 7Zip, is needed to be able to use binary files downloaded from Usenet. To encode and decode binaries basically means to combine the multiple parts of a huge binary file, or to break down a huge binary file into multiple parts so it can be posted on Usenet. It goes both ways and in one’s case it is called encoding binaries, and in the other – decoding binaries. These tasks are accomplished by using file compression programs such as WinRAR, and 7Zip.

Programs for File Compression

You can use other similar programs, of course, to achieve the same effect. Another very popular program for compressing and decompressing files is WinZip, where instead of raring, you have zipping and unzipping of binaries. Both do a great job and unless you have a good newsreader program which can do the job for you (such as GrabIt, for example), you will definitely need to have one of software packages mentioned above.

You can use any other application with the same function, of course, but those two have established themselves on the market as good programs to use. Plus, they are free and can be downloaded within seconds from the Internet. So, now you know what it means to decode binaries. If you plan on becoming a Usenet pro, go ahead and download one of the free applications we mentioned and start raring or zipping!

Why Encoding and Decoding is Necessary?

Usenet was originally developed in the 1970’s and has been used by many people World-Wide. When people began using the newsgroups for binary files the limitations that were in place from it’s originally conception only allowed posts with a certain amount of information in it (article size). Thus when people started sharing large amounts of information on Usenet they needed to use a method to meet the original limitations of the network.

This is why encoding and decoding large blocks of information is necessary… But luckily various newsreader developers over the years have made it easily for people to encode and decode information by bundling the functionality into their newsreaders. The majority of popular newsreader on the market today can easily encode and decode information on Usenet.

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