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Binary Usenet Newsgroup Posting

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What is Binary Posting?

Binary posting is simply the process of posting binary files to the newsgroup-containing community called Usenet. Usenet is comprised of more than 120,000 newsgroups, each with its own area of interest. Some groups contain text discussions between hundreds or thousands of people throughout the world. Respectively, the groups containing discussions are called text groups and the ones containing files are referred to as binary groups.

How Is Binary Posting Accomplished?

Binary posting can be done very easily at the click of a button, with the help of a software application called a “newsreader.” Newsreaders are programs that are very helpful in Usenet and that we recommend to everyone who has a Usenet account. Most newsreaders cost money but some providers such as FastUsenet.org provide it for free to their members with their membership.

So, binary posting is usually done with newsreaders because they are multi-functional Usenet tools which allow you not only to browse the groups, but also to download and post binaries or just plain text messages if you wish to participate in the ongoing discussions that some groups have going on. There are also software programs called “posting applications” (PowerPost is an example of such program) that you can only post binaries with.

They are good to use when you do not have a newsreader and are using the web to news gateway that your provider offers. It is most simple to use just one program, however, so it is recommended that you get a copy of a good newsreader that you learn and get used t.

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