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Belgian Newsgroups

Fast Usenet carries over 120,000 newsgroups and Belgian newsgroups (also known as BE Newsgroups) happen to be in that list for our overseas friends to use while at their homeland or when they are traveling so they can still plug into Belgian news.

Belgian newsgroups are both binary and text but mainly text. By text I mean discussion groups at Fast Usenet containing all types of topics to choose from. “Arts”, “Commercials”, “Computers”, “Internet”, “Education”, “Jobs” and “Politics” are just to name a few Belgian newsgroups where people from the Belgian community can communicate with other Belgians with the same interests

Belgian Newsgroups Contain

These newsgroups will contain the same interests so other Belgians can get into heated debates making enemies or making friends because Usenet is the best place to meet new people. When you’re plugged into FastUsenet.org, you’re plugged into the whole world so to speak.

How do you get access to these newsgroups, you might ask? First, you’ll need to subscribe to FastUsenet.org then from our website you’ll learn the two ways to access Belgian newsgroups. One way is to use your Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Safari. Using your browser, you can log into our servers through our “web-to-news gateway” where you can read discussion groups and even reply back to discussion threads

The other way is to use a newsreader. A newsreader is a third party software program that allows you to surf Usenet in a timely manner with the ability to view both text and binary messages.

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