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AT&T Starting Data Caps in May

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AT&T DSL Bandwidth Throttling

AT&T Internet Service rolled out a change to it’s direct subscriber line (DSL) internet service terms of service. The changed terms are notifying their customers of a new bandwidth limitations, network management, and usage logging tools.

This excerpt from the official AT&T website explains in further details the reason behind the changes;

“AT&T has experienced a dramatic increase in the amount of data that is sent and received over its wire-line broadband networks. This dramatic increase is driven primarily by a small fraction of our customers. In fact, the top 2 percent of customers use about 20 percent of the total capacity on our network.

A single high-traffic user can utilize the same amount of data capacity as 19 typical households. Lopsided usage patterns can cause congestion at certain points in the network, which can slow Internet speeds and interfere with other customers’ access to and use of the network.”

Minimal Customers Affected

AT&T assured it’s customers on Friday that the number of users that will be affected will be minimal. In press statements that were made by AT&T representatives state that the typical user only consumes about 18 gigabytes per month. Less than 2% of our Internet customers could be impacted by this data throttling approach.

AT&T plans to notify their users when they reach the 65%, 90%, and 100% of their allowed bandwidth. While it’s completely legal for AT&T to implement these changes it does appear they are encouraging their users to find service elsewhere.

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