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Alt Newsgroups Origin

Some people claim that the term “Alt” comes from Alternative topics. Other groups say that Alt originally stands for Anarchists, Lunatics, and Terrorists. Alt news was created for users who wanted newsgroups to be started without voting, discussion, or administration. These groups can and will be created by the users request. The only way to shut down particular alt newsgroups is by a government order or by filtering it out by each Usenet provider.

Alt news today consists of a vast majority of topics. Applications, and even mature adult newsgroups are active in the Usenet environment. Anybody with Usenet access is allowed to create a newsgroup as long as a Usenet provider is willing to cooperate. Users at home are not allowed to just start posting newsgroups at will. A feature like this would ruin Usenet with spam, which is unwelcome advertising.

Creating Alt Newsgroups

Alt news creation needs to be done by the newsmaster of a Usenet provider. A subscriber of Fast Usenet has the option to send in an email or online form to request the creation of a particular newsgroup. If the newsmaster decides to add this newsgroup configuration to the servers, within time, it will be sent out to other Usenet providers via a process called peering. Peering is basically file trading between companies to ensure everybody has similar or almost same content. This way, an alt group that is created in Japan will end up in the United States of America, hopefully sooner than later.

Alt news covers a rather large area of content. At the same time this concept is geared towards many users in the Usenet community. Usenet survives only with users willing to communicate in different alt news configurations.

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