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Adding Newsgroups to Usenet

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Newsgroups, often referred to as a discussion forum, have been around almost the beginning of the Internet. They enabled scientists to post questions and answers to each other. Today, however, newsgroups resemble virtual coffee shops, where people get together to discuss subjects of common interest. The exception with newsgroups though is that the communication is written, not verbal. Newsgroups revolve around specific topics, such as human cloning or gardening. You can view what others have written and post your own remarks.

There are literally thousands of newsgroups covering all of topics of life imaginable – from computers, social issues, literature and science to recreation, entertainment, hobbies, and current political affairs. In newsgroups, you can find job postings, business and healthcare advice, announcements about events, referrals, political and religious discussions, even photos that you can download to your computer.

Newsgroups offer a way to easily meet and converse with people from all over the world who share your interests, without ever having to leave your computer. You can communicate with them anytime you like, but don’t have to reply and can just read the articles they have posted. Remember that newsgroups were once the only way to have so-called threaded discussions, where related messages are grouped together. Today, many websites have discussion group posting, but newsgroups are the best place to find them. The total number of newsgroups found on Fast Usenet is roughly over 120,000, with around 8,000 of them being binary newsgroups.

You might be wondering what it takes to add a new newsgroup in Usenet and how to go about doing that. Depending on the type of group you want to create, the process of adding newsgroups may range between very easy and somewhat more complicated.

When adding a newsgroup, you have to follow a few basic rules. The first thing you need to decide is which hierarchy you want your group to be in. You may want to familiarize yourself with the “Big 8” groups. Then, you should decide whether your group will be moderated or non-moderated. Moderated newsgroups require the constant attention of their moderator and do not allow just any content to be posted but only material related to the subject of the group. The free.* groups do not have any rules for adding a new newsgroup – one can create as many groups as they like on whatever topics they wish.

Most often, premium Usenet Service Providers, such as Fast Usenet, offer you an easy way for adding newsgroups. They basically ask you to submit an ticket request for adding a newsgroup and they will take care of the rest for you. But before you go ahead and do that, you should consider a few things, to avoid getting your newsgroup removed from the Usenet servers of your provider. Be advised that newsgroups exist on a server, only if users request it (in other words if they see a use for it). This means that if you are the only one who is in favor of adding that newsgroup, it will go nowhere.

You need to ensure that you have the support of people who want that newsgroup and will utilize it before adding the group. If you cannot find a sufficient number of supporters, it is advisable that you do not add that newsgroup because it will stay empty, suffer from poor distribution, and eventually get deleted by the Usenet administrators who oversee that server. It does not really matter where you find your newsgroup supporters. As long as they request your group once it has been created, your newsgroup will have a long life-span.


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