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Active Usenet Newsgroups

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Text And Binary Newsgroups

As far as active newsgroups go, there are thousands of them out there. There are many different types, ranging from the text only groups, including your BIG 8 groups (comp.*, sci.*, misc.*, soc.*, talk.*, news.*, rec.*, and humanities.*) to the binary groups which are a lot more active because that is where you can find images, and software to view, use, and download.

There are literally thousands of newsgroups covering all of the topics imaginable; from computers, social issues, literature and science, to recreation, entertainment, hobbies and current affairs. In certain newsgroups you can find job postings, business and healthcare advice, announcements about events, referrals, political and religious discussions, even photos that you can view and download.

Active Usenet Newsgroups

Some of the most active newsgroups are ones that are more general. You will usually see more posts in a group such as alt.binaries.misc. The reason for this is that simply there are more and more newcomers to Usenet and they like to just view a group that has a bunch of content in it.

The more specific groups are usually for people that spend a lot of time on Usenet and they know what they want and don’t want to waste their time looking through thousands of messages.

The total number of newsgroups found on Fast Usenet is roughly over 120,000. So there is plenty for you to choose from. To locate a particular newsgroup please checkout our newsgroup search tool. If you are interested in giving a Usenet a try, signup for our free trial offer.

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