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GrabIt Search - Complimentary Access Authorization Error
If you are receiving the following error in GrabIt please follow these steps to correct it. “Our apologizes but we were unable to confirm if you have complimentary access to the GrabIt sear...
I'm Receiving an Authentication Error. Why?
If you have reached your bandwidth limit for the current billing period you will be denied access until your bandwidth limit resets at midnight on your next billing cycle. To check your current bandwi...
What are the server addresses for my newsreader?
You can access our servers using the following server addresses:, and
Does Fast Usenet limit download speeds?
Absolutely not. At Fast Usenet you can access our servers at whatever speeds your internet service is capable of.
How to run a trace route in Windows and Mac OS X.
If you are experiencing connection issues. Please run a trace route which will log the path between your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and our network. Below is an example of how a trace route will ...
GrabIt Search Blocked By Avast Antivirus, Disabling NNTP Scanner
If you are having problems using the global search feature in GrabIt it could be related to Avast Anti-Virus Protection. If you are using Avast please shut-down the NNTP scanner. After disabling the N...