GrabIt Newsreader With Search

With your Fast Usenet subscription you will get a customized version of GrabIt newsreader. Our customized edition of GrabIt included unlimited search. Unlimited search is a $25/year value.

GrabIt allows you to easily search and download any content on our Usenet news servers. GrabIt comes pre-configured so setup is fast and easy.

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Usenet Web Newsreader

Our customized web newsreader offers some of the great functionality once only offered in a newsreader program. With our web newsreader you can easily view picture, watch videos, and read text newsgroups directly from an Internet browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

The web newsreader is fast, secure, and easy to use.

Usenet Mobile Newsreader

Usenet Anywhere! The Fast Usenet new mobile newsreader allows you to access Usenet from anywhere. Not only does the mobile newsreader work with the Apple iPhone and iPad, its compatible with all smart phones such as Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone.

The Fast Usenet mobile newsreader is easy to use, convenient, and only offered by Fast Usenet.