GrabIt Fast Usenet Edition Tutorial

Non Fast Usenet Edition Tutorial

If you don't want to use the Fast Usenet Edition version of GrabIt the following steps will show you how to configure the newsreader with our servers.

Please remember that if you don't use our customized version you won't receive the Unlimited search feature. To download the customized version of GrabIt please visit the members area.

Step 1: Sign up and you can download our custom copy of GrabIt from the members area.

Step 2: Launch the "GrabIt172b4.exe" and continue through the prompts to install GrabIt.

Step 3: When GrabIt launches for the first time right click on "Default Server" in the left panel. When the right click menu appears choose "Server Properties".

Step 4: When the "GrabIt - Server Properties" window opens enter the following details to configure GrabIt with Fast Usenet service.
Host name:
Port: 119
Account name: your Fast Usenet username
Password: your chosen Fast Usenet password
Maximum allowed connections: 32
Once these settings are entered click "OK".

Step 5: Now that GrabIt is configured to use our Usenet servers. Right click on "Default Server" and choose "Refresh group list". This will download the newsgroup list from our servers.

Step 6: Once the group list has finished downloading it will be displayed in the "All groups" tab in GrabIt. Now you can search for a newsgroup which interests you. In the "Only show group names that contain the word(s):" field enter a subject.

Step 7: In this tutorial we are going to look for newsgroups related to "BMW". So we enter "BMW" in the search field. GrabIt will quickly display all the newsgroups containing "BMW". When you find a group you want to subscribe too double click on it and it will be added to the left column below "Default server".

Step 8: Now move over to the left column and "Right Click" on the newsgroup. In this example the newsgroup is "". When the menu appears choose "Full update". Now GrabIt will connect to our servers and download all the messages in that newsgroup.

Step 9: When the messages have finished downloading they will be displayed in the "Articles" tab in GrabIt. From there you will be able to download messages. The downloaded message will be saved into the default GrabIt download folder which can easily be viewed by clicking on "Download folder" in the top menu.

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